People living in glass houses should not throw stones at others and those who do throw stones should be prepared to receive some.

So when Hardik Patel cries hoarse about his privacy, I find it amusing rather silly. People in public life should lead exemplary lives and in this day and age of media access they should be prepared for any intrusion.

He later claims that the CD is fake, could be and could be not. If the CD is fake, its a stupid risk that people exposing him have taken thus it seems unlikely. Secondly he is at complete freedom to get the CD scrutinised and thereafter sue the person who has leaked it. But, the question is will he do it? If not, why? Maybe he fears the authentication the episode will receive.

However, whats really funny is Hardik blaming BJP for this! Thats as silly as a child blaming his classmate for failing in exams. I truly feel whether or not Mr Patel sues the maker of the CD, BJP should definitely sue Hardik Patel for maligning the party’s image.

Moreover, Mr. Hardik Patel might have all the rights to have sex as per his statements and also the right to privacy. But at the same time Mr. Hardik Patel should remember that our County is already going through the curse of reservations.  Reservations are based out on caste mostly and not on economical status of a person which has affected the poor.

Some might argue that its amatuerish for anyone to release the CD, but people in the debating circles should bear in mind the average Indian voter for whom Hardik Patel is the leader, who is a person seated on a moral pedestal. This CD has shattered that image for sure. For the voter Mr. Patel might not come across as a messiah of their causes rather as a voyeuristic, sleazy man!!

Author: Sarita K Chamaria