There are 54 Islamic countries including wealthiest Gulf States in the world. No Islamic nation, so called custodian of Islam, ever felt pain for their fellow Muslim Syrian refugees. Even disturbing image of toddler Alan Kurdi, a Syrian refugee, lying dead on beach didn’t move them.

Again, quite expectedly, these Islamic Nations are watching exodus of Rohingya Muslims with popcorn, enjoying every bit of it.

But, it is pseudo seculars who are beating their chests for Rohingya refugees knowing fully well these potent terrorists have already carried out a bomb blast at Bodh Gaya in Bihar, a Buddhist shrine, to take revenge from Myanmar Buddhists. Aren’t these termites aware India is already a densely populated country?

Did Media ever raise concern of poor minority Hindus of Pakistan who are forced to flee to India because of severe persecution in Pakistan? Do Indians even know such oppressed Hindus from Pakistan are living in inhuman condition in India? One visit to such camps of Rohini, Adarsh Nagar and Majnu Ka Teela in Delhi would disturb you. To see how they are living in inhuman condition.

Pakistani Hindus forced to run to India, do not exist for Human Right Activists. According to Pseudo secular and Commie liberals Pakistani Hindus are born to die, torturous death, because these termites feel pain only Rohingya Muslims.
Like ‘light at the end of the tunnel,’ meet Mr. Hari Om Sahoo, a staunch nationalist and RSS activist. He is single handedly pulling all the stops to rehabilitate Pakistani Hindus in Adarsh Nagar in Delhi. Ignorance on part of government to this cause did not shake his indomitable spirit. He is able to rehabilitate these Hindus solely on donation by his family and friends.

Activists like Hari Om Sahoo, who works on ground to provide basic facilities like food, clothes and tents to such hapless people unlike arm chair warriors are unsung heroes. Main Stream secular Media makes sure to defame such ground workers with a genuine cause.

Dear readers, if you want to help for this cause, you can help at bellow details. But make sure to visit such places to see the ground reality. Name of account holder is Hariom

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