Ecosystem to persecute and oppress Hindus is so robust in India that if a nationalist tries to expose this network, he is immediately arrested or gagged.

On March 11, Jain monk Upadhyaya Mayank Sagar Ji Maharaj was walking from Nanjangud to Kanakagiri. On the way, near Kavalande village, a drunk motorist rammed into the monk and others with him. The monk suffered injuries on his right arm and forehead.

Next, persecuting Hindu network steps in. Names of drunk motorists were held in. In another words investigation was subverted.

When Co-founder ‘Postcard News’, Mahesh Vikram Hegde exposed how Siddaramaiah government was protecting drunk motorists who hit Jain monk, he was arrested by CCB (Cyber Crime Branch). Siddaramaiah government must answer why names of motorists were held in? Was it a deliberate move to subvert the investigation and trap Mahesh Vikram Hegde?

What is appealing and dangerous that Hindu hating network has full freedom to spread lies and propaganda to defame Hinduism. But nationalist is not allowed to speak.

When Pallavi Ghosh and Sagarika Ghose of CNN-IBN blatantly spread lies and propaganda, no action is taken against them. Law doesn’t take action against such communal propagandists. Who would expose them?