Hindus in India added ‘Secular’ in their constitution so that Hindu youth like Chandan Gupta and Rahul are butchered chanting ‘Vande Matram’ and waving our tricolour by Peaceful Misguided People.

22 years old Chandan Gupta was shot dead and Rahul succumbed to injuries for chanting ‘Vande Matram’ and waving our tricolour on 69th Republic Day by a so called Peaceful Misguided mob in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. The bullet shot at Chandan brought the picture alive centuries ago, when Peaceful attackers used to skin alive Hindus for not adhering to Peaceful Religion.

Persecution of Hindus by “Peaceful Minority” continues even after 70 years of independence. In another words, slavery of Hindus in hands of “Peaceful Minority” has been uninterrupted in form of ‘Secularism.’

Poor Hindus are crying like an orphan how Main Stream Media is justifying a Hindu killing, while killing of Akhlaq makes India an intolerant country. So called secular and liberal journalists of today are like those kings who helped Muslim invaders to defeat their own contemporary Hindu kings.

Why crying foul and complain against left leaning media who are actually Hindu destroyer with Hindu names? Why not to change eco system of secularism where a killing of Akhlaq defames India as ‘intolerant nation’ but killing of Chandan Gupta and Rahul are justified as if Hindus are born to be butchered by “Peaceful Minority” since ages?

Hindus ran away their own land, Kashmir, Israel survived barbaric attack from multiple Islamic countries at the same time, because they know how to retaliate. When would Hindus learn how to retaliate and pay Jehadi back in their own coin? Can Dharna win a sword brandishing barbaric Jehadi? “When all doors of ‘Dharma’ is closed, battle becomes must”, crux of Geeta by God Krishna. When would Hindu follow ultimate truth of Geeta?