While in a meeting I received a link which said Yogi Govt would set a ‘ gaushala’ in each of its 75 districts. It was further mentioned that the ‘ gaushalas’ would be handled by local societies and not state government.

I waz exhilirated reading the news, moreso because I know first hand the plight of abandoned cows, who are left to graze on plastic , look for pastures as the free space keeps getting comsumed by real estate.

This step also rekindles the actual Sanskriti of this land where cows have been worshipped like Gods. This step seems to take us back to our culrural roots which have been the foundation of the great nation that we built.

However , some people with whom I got discussing were at their prejudiced best and came out with the most absurd communal arguments . To my surprise their was a Muslim couple, who are both doctors, who were totally in support of this move.

I was not the bit surprised that the liberal, so called tolerant class yet again proved to be shallow intolerant and communal. Time we stood up in unision for the values our Bharatvarsha is known for.

Jai Maa Bharati
Sarita K Chamaria