Call yourself “Proud Hindu,” and the entire eco system in the country would start labelling you “COMMUNAL.” The moment you exercise your “freedom of expression,” the left leaning eco system would pounce you to gag you.

This is exactly what happened to “Squint Neon” twitter handle with huge following when they presented naked truth and exposed fake propaganda.

If your twitter profile says ‘Vandematram,’ ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jay,’ ‘India First,’ ‘NaMo Again,’ you twitter handles would come under radar—this is the impression SM gives.

Even twitter handle of True Indology, which takes pride of Hindu heritage and glory, was stopped.

I am a Hindu. After 800 years of ‘Muslim Rule’ then 200 years English rule, and more than 70 years of independence, I am still fighting to exercise my freedom of expression.


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