The difference between Hindus and others: If today, I choose to vote on Hindu issues solely, my partisan voting will still give this country a PM who will continue to work on development and growth for the collective good of this nation. I will be voting for a team, who will uphold my cultural pride and yet not shy away from forcing reforms upon me so that the differences within my religious set, continue to lessen instead of widen.

The Hindu vote will ensure the strengthening of the national fabric.

Some from this country have my sympathy because when they cast their partisan vote they will be asking for continued extortion, terrorism and extension of India’s tag as a poor and developing country incapable of managing herself.

If I ask for a temple or rather the right to not have my faith shamed overtly and covertly, my demand will not infringe on education, defence, finance, infrastructure etc. My vote will not mean abolishing abortion or divorce or denying women their property rights.

When others vote they are voting so that they may continue to convert, shame and terrorise the majority. One lot wishes for sharia while the other’s missionary zeal is premised upon swathes of poor starving Indians happy for rice and Jesus. Any plan to uplift them goes contrary to church doctrine and directive. After all the Bible does say the meek shall inherit the earth- the subtext translating to “stay poor and downtrodden so that we may lead and control you for evermore”.

This is the difference between the Hindu vote and others!


Article by: Nandini Jayaram