Let me guess something. What made you click the link?
Either You are a furious Hindu, and the title made you damn angry.

Else you are the hatemonger Radical Islamist, and the title brought a kinky smile on you face.

In any of the above cases, you may Proceed. 

Hinduism, the oldest dharma is no doubt the most scientific dharma of the world. Let me show it to you.

Read the two statements given below without any prejudices.

“Beg and Pray only for me. Believe only in me as I am the greatest.” – ( you already know which Holy book we are referring)

“Do and Never seek for returns. Believe in Karma and I am with you.” -Hinduism

Can you feel the difference?

It is up to you. You may choose the one which is more scientific and logical.

Let’s continue to the title. Hinduism indeed is the biggest threat to evil. It is the threat to other sinful religions.

Hindus before commencing any evil , think about their god. And the fear in the heart stops them at the instant. The Vedic Dharma is the threat to other religions which evolved from it. We will talk about this evolution theory later, maybe in the next article.

Till then, Let me assure you that The Dharma will continue to be a dreadful threat to Adharma. They are going to wiped out sooner or later.

Hari Om