To be successful in career it requires lots of hard work and efforts. With the increasing competition and challenges in each and every field, it does not seem to be an easy path. Struggle and continuous peruse towards goal will surely lead to success. But there are few who do not want to take this path of hard work and want to find an easy way to fame. There are certain examples like Rakhi Sawant who was also known for her controversies created, wanted to get fame by doing acts which will catch attention, but failed. Creating controversies seems to be an old idea and there is a new trend in market to get fame.

Yes, the Anit-Hindu, Anti-Modi and Anti-National Formula. The new way to be in media and spot light, the new way to get popularity, the new way to get invited on News Debates. There are already many who have made their careers using these formulas and can be an inspiration for you.

1. Anti-Hindu formula:
This is the oldest formula used, in which to get fame you need to mock Hindu God’s. You can mock most loved God’s like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Maa Durga or Lord Ganesha. Also on the same lines you can mock Hindi festivals, for Instance you call Hindu Festivals as Regressive and Patriarchal.

While on the other hand, keep wishing and spreading love on Non-Hindi festivals.

Become an environmentalist on Hindu Festivals and shout for pollution and show love towards animals. But on non-hindu festivals turn blind or take a day off and don’t worry about pollution or animals.

(Pic courtesy: Shank Naad)

After which you became a cause of anger among many Hindus and then you call Hindu’s as intolerant. More the anger, more the famous you are. Simple isint ?

2. Anti-Modi formula:
This is a new formula to get instant fame. If you implement this formula successfully you might get an immediate invitation of news debate. Use platforms like Twitter or Facebook to mock PM Narendra Modi, some Modi Bhakt might register an FIR against you, after which you need to counter it saying there is no “Freedom of speech” or “Freedom of expression”. News Debates then become your home and you get easy popularity.

Yes he is an big example of this formula getting success within no time.

3. Anti-National Formula:
This formula is advised to be used at your own risk, it might land you up in Jail as well. To implement this get a bunch of people like you, organise an event and raise slogans of destroying India, breaking India. Give speech in favour of Pakistan, give justification how Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and how India has illegally occupied Kashmir.

Demand separate country for South India, North East, Punjab or even demand a separate country for your own house. Keep shouting slogans and make things look like you are a social reformer even though the court convicts you.

Wise Indian Tongue does not advice you to use these formula. Wise Indian Tongue will not be responsible if the world recognise you for your Anti-National activities and not your talent.

Good bye !!