When former RAW official RSN Singh said, “Prophet Muhammad married 9 years old Aiysha on Times Now last night” a truth written holy scripture, it triggered all the Maulanas to issue Fatwas against him.

But, why don’t Hindus issue Notice or take some action against any Mullavi whose only aim is to humiliate and offend Hinduism.

Hypocrite MF Hussain inaulted Goddess Saraswati to exercise his artistic freedom of expression. But, late Hussain never dared to draw cartoon of Prophet Muhammad. Still Hindus were silent on it.

Poisonous Zakir Naik never left any opportunity to insult and defame Hindu God and Goddesses, that too on public platform. Any action by Hindus for this him.

Another ideology corrupt politician Akbaruddin Owaisi, abused Lord Ram and his Lord Ram’s, mother at a public platform. Also he challenged “Remove police for 15 minutes, we will finish off one billion Hindus.” Dear Hindus, didn’t your blood boil?

What can be more disgracing than so called minority blatantly offending majority at their own land? And majority continues to take opium of secularism.