Parody: Shehla Rashid, the most infamous Commarade from the JNU Communist Gang has been trying here and there to get some Media, Political and Social space. Some might call her as “Struggling Commarades” in their random poly-directional career. She was vice-president of the students union (JNUSU) from 2015-16.

In one of her reply when asked about the proof or authenticity of the story, she replied stating, “I am a Muslim, and we don’t lie”. Not sure what on earth does lying and religion go hand in hand. How can one dive so deep to link their propaganda with religion.

After checking out this sensational meaningless tweet, our Fake correspondent confirmed that Shakira, the famous Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer, has hit back saying, it’s her Hips which don’t lie. The tweet is inspired by her song. She even argued saying, she has a song written on it and the entire world has agreed to it. If the world didn’t have agreed to it, the song would not have been so famous.

Not sure if readers agree with Shehla Rashid, but certainly the readers will agree that Shakira’s Hips don’t lie, do let us know about it in comments section.