Faking News: The Attack on 26 November 2008, where 10 members of RSS entered Mumbai via The Arabian Sea. They killed more than 164 people as per records and terrorised the country for more than 3 days.

Digvijay Singh defended “Hafeez Syed ji” over the attack as the attack was not an Islamic Terror group inspired attack. It was a clear “RSS Ki Sajish” (Conspiracy of RSS).

The Attack inspired by RSS not only killed 164 people but also 9 innocent Muslim misguided youth were murdered Brutally by Mumbai Police and Indian defence forces along with Ajmal Kasab being hanged as per the Hindu Terrorism conspiracy.

To protest against the Brutality of RSS and Bramhanic Indian Government, Congress has decided to celebrate 26/11 as Shaheed Ajmal Kasab Vijay Diwas. Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi would be paying tribute to the Shaheed Ajmal Kasab and make sure his family is provided compensation. Congress has also promised government jobs to his family members.

Now that Digvijay Singh has been able to convince all that it was a conspiracy of RSS and Hindu Terrorism is true, Congress leadership has openly come up with condemning the hanging of Legend Ajmal Kasab.

Congress would also organise an event in JNU where the beloved commarades would participate to protest the hanging of Shaheed Ajmal Kasab.

(Note: The article is fiction and does not intend to malaign the image of any person mentioned in the article)