A special mentally challenged person is keen on proving his imagination as truth and keeps on repeating it without knowing or having much knowledge about the real world. Of course, many tend to have sympathy with such and its our duty to help them.

But, in our country we have a so called young leader who is already at the age of 48 is crying of “Rafale Scam”. The Supreme Court of India, the highest judicial forum and final court of appeal under the Constitution of India, the highest constitutional Court has found no scam in Rafale deal. A bench headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi said that it had studied the matter “extensively” and that it was “satisfied that there is no occasion to doubt the process [of signing the Rafale deal]. Reference: India Today

Firstly, Rahul Gandhi tried to twist some report in a French media house to say making Reliance an offsets partner was a tradeoff for Dassault to get the deal with India. Truth turned out to be bitter for Congress. Both the French government and French aerospace company Dassault issued separate statements.

Dassault Aviation’s statement:

French govt’s statement:

Well, at least when lying about Rafale, Rahul Gandhi should have mentioned same price quotes, but seems its a too difficult job for him to remember a 3 digit number.

The Supreme courts inner conscious is satisfied, but Congress Parties false election agenda is still not satisfied and hence Rahul Gandhi continues to cry like a baby on Rafale deal.

So this is what happened, Rahul went to a shop to buy a school bag, shopkeeper quoted the price as 100 Rs, Rahul couldnt bargaing and hence came back without buying the school bag. Now, few years later, Modi went and bought a school bag, which also include notebook, textbooks, pen, pencil, eraser etc for Rs 700. Rahul is crying as he saw the bag for Rs 100, whole Modi brought the same bag after years which is fully loaded for Rs 700.

The “दरबारी” (Darbari) continue to support Rahul Gandhi on his cry, and each time he does a Press conference and peddles a lie, certain media houses promote it like Congress PR agencies. Few days ago “The Hindu” deliberately cropped off an internal note of the Ministry of Defense to exclude the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar’s response and present a distorted view of the events that transpired. The Hindu had published the following copy of the note.

But soon the full page of the note was published by ANI, which showed that the document was cropped by The Hindu to omit the reply by defence minister Manohar Parrikar to the note. (Reference: OpIndia)

Nitin A. Gokhale, National Security Analyst, has also remarked that it is normal practice for the PMO to receive calls from counterparts in other countries.

After so many lies by Rahul Gandhi and then they being exposed, certainly the Citizens of India are bored and fed up. Rahul’s cry is being ignored by every one except few Darbari and Congress party Loyalist.