Amethi has been the Lok Sabha Constituency of the First Family of Congress party since independence. Currently Shehzada Rahul Gandhi is the Member of Parliament from Amethi constituency. The Gandhi Scion has been travelling length and breadth of Gujarat currently which is about to see it’s upcoming assembly elections.

While there’s nothing new about electoral rhetorics being made whilst elections it’s funny how the Gandhi Scion was myopic in his view of development in Gujarat. Gujarat was ruled by the current PM of India, Shri Narendrabhai Modi for 14 years. Mr. Modi has time and again spoken about the development he has done while in power in Gujarat.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel through the state while Modi was still the CM of Gujarat. Well fairly speaking, even a small village in Gujarat is more developed than Rahul Gandhi’s Amethi. Every single village is linked to mainstream life through good roadways, electricity and water supply, in an arid state like Gujarat to say the least.

While Rahul Gandhi must’ve looked at it through a kaleidoscopic political lens, the fact that he and his family has failed to deliver in their own constituencies stand tall, looking at the desolation of Amethi. Amethi is a town in UP which has yet to see the development it must have seen, being a Lok Sabha Constituency for the Congress Family for 71 years for now. Whole of the state and citizens who’ve travelled through Gujarat bear the testimony of the state having seen best of development in matters of roadways and electricity even in the remotest of the places in the state.

While Shehzada’s rhetorics sound stale and tested here, he should be speaking of what he did in Amethi first. In the world of Social Media and Technology there’s only so much lies that can be peddled in the name of elections where every lie peddled lies exposed in a matter of minutes. Learn some statesmanship if you can Mr. Gandhi!