Let’s all Pledge for an Eco-Friendly and Clean Christmas.

Let Us all Plant more trees instead of decorating hazadous X-Mas Treees.

Let Us Feed the Poor and donate clothes to the homeless instead of wasting money on Santa Suits and Caps.

Let Us Pledge to Save Eletricity this Christmas!

Firework and Crackers on Christmas and New Years makes the air hazardous and loud noises scare pet animals and puts them under depression.

50 Million Trees are Cut-Down Each Year for Christmas and more than 100 Million Fake Trees Are Produced. Each Year on Christmas About 65 Million Animals Are Killed!

Fake Christmas trees are made from PVC which is both non-renewable and polluting, and you can’t recycle it. PVC production results in the unhealthy emission of a number of carcinogens, such as dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride.

Lead is often times used which damages kidneys, neurological, and reproductive system. Even Touching the PVC tree, can be quite hazardous. Carbon Footprint from these articial trees , decoration etc is HUGE!

Christmas and New Year alone produces enough non bio degradable waste that can fill up 1,000 football stadiums which ultimately ends up in Ocean. This needs to be stopped! We Need to Bring A Change!

Wishing You All A Clean Chrismas and a Green New Year!

Author: Rahul Adap



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