Rajdeep Sardesai, the person who made his career by spreading Hate against Narendra Modi, connecting each and everything in the world with “2002” and Gujarat. He has been bashed my Narendra Modi himself, for repeatedly targeting him without any substantial reasons.

The GST (Goods and Services Tax)  Council decided to reduce the tax rate on 178 of the current 228 items from 28% to 18%, with effect from November 15. Items with tax rates reduced to nil from 5% include guar meal, sweet potatoes, and dried or frozen fish.

“All restaurants will be taxed at 5%, except those in hotels with a tariff of ₹7,500 or more, which will be taxed at 18% with input tax credit (ITC). Outdoor catering will be taxed at 18% with ITC,” Mr. Jaitley said. (Source: The Hindu)

Rajdeep Sardesai some how connected this decision with upcoming Gujarat elections. From his tweet it seems he wanted to convey that Government had made changed to the items in GST slabs so as to target the Gujarat elections.

Tweeteriets could not spare him for his illogical comparison and trolled him.

Hopefully Rajdeep Sardesai reads these tweets and carries out unbiased Journalism.