Well, who is not aware of the IQ level of Tejaswi Pratap Yadav. Yes, Lalu Yadav’s son “The Tej Pratap Yadav”. He is sometimes referred as Pappu 2.0,but then Tejaswi Pratap is again in news for his free senseless advice over celebrating Diwali.

Yes, you read it right. It might be confusing and also surprising why did the reporter asked this guy for advice over celebrating Diwali. So Crackers cause pollution, but then doesn’t Latex Rubber balloons generate waste. Will that not harm the environment. Also, does he advice in a similar way to not Slaughter animal during Bakrid, instead cut a cake.

(He is a former Health Minister of Bihar)

Tweeple did not spare Tej Pratap and was trolled in a hilarious way.

And finally the most hilarious one.