Left leaning media is trying hard to paint Central Government has taken U turn from making ‘National Anthem’ a must to be played in theatres before screening a movie. But it is left liberals who do not want national anthem to be played. However, it is a common citizen, Shyam Narayan Chouksey, whose tireless fight is on.

A retired engineer Shyam Narayan Chouksey, from Bhopal had gone to watch Bollywood blockbuster “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham” way back in 2001. His national pride got hurt very badly, when he stood up during a scene where national anthem is played, and ignorant youth sitting behind him started mocking him.

Next Mr. Chouksey started a campaign against dishonour of our national anthem.
A “hurt” Chouksey filed a PIL in Madhya Pradesh High Court in Jabalpur and continued to collect evidence of dishonour to the national anthem. In 2016, he filed a fresh petition in Supreme Court seeking a set of parameters on what amounts to abuse of the anthem.

On 30 Nov 2016, Shyam Narayan Chouksey’s hurt national pride was restored when Supreme Court ordered for the national anthem to be played before every movie screening in cinema halls, with national flag to displayed on the screen while the national anthem is played, and for everyone to stand for its 52 seconds. A Bench of Justices Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy said it is time people expressed their “love for the motherland.”

Then, there was outburst by left liberals asking if patriotism can be forced upon citizens. On 23 Oct 2017, Supreme Court said that people do not need to stand up in cinema halls to prove their patriotism, asking the Centre to consider amending the rules that regulate playing of the National Anthem before a movie. Same Deepak Mishra did take U turn ruling the society does not need “moral policing.”

During Jan 8, 2018 hearing, Government cleared its stand that India was a diverse country and the National Anthem needed to be played in the cinema halls to bring in uniformity. Justice DY Chandrachud responded to the government, “What is stopping you from amending the Flag Code? You can amend it and say where to play National Anthem and where it can’t be done.”

Government told the court that a 12-member high-profile inter-ministerial committee is going to look into the occasions, circumstances and events for the solemn rendering of the Anthem. The panel will also examine whether any amendments are necessary to the Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act of 1971, and submit its report in six months.

77 years old, Shyam Narayan Chouksey is heartbroken man, but his fighting spirit is unbroken. He said, I would make a representation before inter-ministerial committee to be constituted by the government to look into the issue, the court has kept the option open for the petitioner to put forth his representation before the panel.”

India needs many nationalist like Shyam Narayan Chouksey to fight with fake liberals and left liberals for whom BHARAT TERE TUKDE is freedom of expression, but standing at national anthem being played is fundamental rights being violated. Hats off to Mr. Chouksey.