“How dare they raise anti India slogans at our own university?” My next door apolitical neighbour, came to me outraged, not so long ago when slogans of “भारत तेरे टुकड़े होंगे इंशा अल्लाह, इंशा अल्लाह, भारत की बर्बादी तक जंग रहेगी जारी” (India would be broken into small bits and pieces, battle would continue till India is finished) were shouted in Jawahar Lal University in Delhi.

“Students of JNU, studying on subsidy on taxpayers money, are exercising ‘Freedom Of Expression’.” My answer infuriated her further.

“Freedom Of Expression” is used to spew venom against our own country?” She raised her eyebrows.

“Indeed, FOE is a license that allows one to make anti India statement blatantly. Look Kanhaiya, he was acquitted with minor warning by the court shortly after he was arrested.” I explained.

Disgusted at use of FOE, she bombarded me  with another disturbing question, “how can a dead terrorist like ‘Isharat Jahan’ be ‘Bihar Ki Beti’?

“That is ‘secularism’ again a tool that permits pseudo secular leaders to salute and glorify a terrorist who waged war against the nation. Secularism justify leaders’  seditious statement.

Also, ‘secularism’ promotes and propagates Islam in India to the extent that they justify Islamic terrorism also. Look how secular leaders demean themselves to call a dead terrorist ‘Bihar Ki Beti’.” My answer depressed my friend and neighbour.

Secularism arms politicians to question existence of God Rama, but the same bunch of politicians never dare to question on prophet Muhammad and Jesus.

In short, with deadly combination of ‘Freedom Of Expression and ‘Secularism’ you can bleed India at your will standing at land of India. Law would not touch you. God Rama must prove of his existence according to secularism that gives special privilege to Prophet Muhammad and Jesus (don’t dare to question them).

When Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath said, “I believe that the word secular is the biggest lie since Independence, he actually exposed conspiracy that ‘Secularism’ hides within it. He further added, those who have given birth to this lie and those who use it should apologise to the people and this country.” Indeed, those who had given birth to this ‘lie’ are the same people who want to see India to be finished.

Sooner India gets rid of this lie, the better it would be in national interest.