Let’s imagine a world without women?? O sorry!! I know I’m talking senseless. But to be less harsher, imagine any market place, hotel, station, and mall without women?? Now its okay? What you said?? It still don’t make sense?? Well this was actual condition of women about 300 years ago. From there to spending months on ISS women underwent different struggles and outnumbered battles to accomplish their rights. But some of them went too far and formed a separate section only to be called ‘feminists‘ and the propaganda they spread was called feminism.

So lets understand feminist and feminism first.

The wordbook giant Merriam Webster defines feminism as the theory of political, economic and social equality of sexes. Another definition from them is as- ‘organised activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests’ . But if you see, these two definition are contrasting in itself. But it’s not the fault of Merriam Webster. They just followed what followed the meaning of feminism later in 21st century.

For understanding true feminism, we need to look back in time as primarily as French revolution. Women from the third state need to work for living, without access to education and job-training. They cared their families, fetched water. But feminists of then, unlike now, dealt it differently. They politely demanded the right to vote, and to be elected to the ‘Assembly’ and to hold ‘Political Offices’. For these demands to get fulfilled, it took them almost 200 years. de Gauges, first feminist of France, said women are no exception, she must be accused, arrested, detained, in case determined by the law. Women, like men, should obey the rigorous law. After this She faced the charge of treason and executed. But as they say, You can’t kill can Idea. She had already sparked the tanks of gasoline.

Another instance of feminism comes from the Russian Revolution. We saw how despite constitute about 31% of factory worker, women were paid too less than men. But they didn’t retaliate immediately and foolishly. They waited for the right time. See how mature they were in comparison to today’s feminists. When appropriate time came, a true feminist Marfa Vasileva, single handedly called a successful strike. When asked and offered a loaf of bread by administration, she humbly replied- ‘I can’t be the only one who is satiated when others are hungry’. Women from another section of factory gathered in her support and gradually all other women ceased working. Soon the men downed their tools as well and entire crowd rushed into the streets. Such feminists, much Wow!!

But since then the meaning of feminism have transformed almost tragically. Their views are somewhat funnier and illogical than their contemporary clause. For them a new term is coined ‘Pseudo Feminist’. It can be defined as a person who without understanding the ideals of modern feminism and gender equality, go on preaching their own foul idea. Some of the famous pseudo – feminists are :
Priyanka Chopra
Deepika Padukone
Emma Watson
Mark Ruffalo

Priyanka Chopra once said – I don’t need men except for having child. Now suppose if a man speaks same. The cruel and unsatiated world of feminists would rip him apart. I wonder if any of them have even heard the name of de Gauges or Marfa Vasileva.

To end the article in lighter tone, here are some points which modern day feminists rant:
*Why ‘Sun’ is called ‘Sun’ and not daughter. *Science is sexist*
*She calls him fat. Well he is. But how dare He call her fat.
(Women are suppressed, oppressed, benchpressed, WordPressed.)
*Women are better than men. Specially when it comes to child bearing. *Time to leave earth.*
*Imagine an island of 99 women and a man. The population could be achieved at least as 90 in only nine months. Now suppose an island with 99 men and a woman. What population do you expect after 30 years?
Well, no more than 10!! Because men would be men. They’d start fighting and killing each other. *Hence we should have a very high sex ratio, as large as 10:1000*