Diwali is celebrated to honour victorious home coming of God Ram, with his wife Sita and brother Laxman, after 14 years of वनवास (exile) in which God Ram won the battle against demon King Ravan, symbol of evil and darkness. Citizens of Ayodhya decorated entire kingdom with earthen lamps and illuminated it like never before to welcome their beloved King Ram.

Yogi Adityanath government has also planned to decorate and illuminate entire Ayodhya at Diwali like never before.

By planning to light up Ayodhya like never before Yogi Adityanath Government has sounded ‘Clayton call’: Wake Up Hindus. Reclaim your lost glory. Recognise and reconnect with your root, religion and heritage.

Secularism has taught Hindus how to insult and undermine Sanatan Dharma since last 70 years. This is how Hindus started distancing themselves from ‘Dharma’. Hindus were never taught: protect your ‘Dharma,’ Dharma would protect you. When Hindus maintain distance from their ‘Dharma’, pseudo secularism comes in the form of so called minority appeasement.

Yogi Adityanath Government’s decision for grand Diwali celebration is indeed to promote and showcase Ayodhya’s tourism potential. Would brainwashed Hindus with pseudo secularism ever realise: protect ‘Dharma, Dharma would protect you? Would Hindus realise secularism is demon and darkness?

What is the most significant aspect is: Yogi Adityanath government never held any ‘Iftaar Party to be politically correct. For the first time this government would light up Ayodhya at government’s expenses in grand way. Hats off to Yogi Adityanath, who conveyed strong message: pseudo secularism wouldn’t sell, it is action that speak for itself!!