Great !
So Mr Bhansali chooses an opportune moment to put up this video. As is the law of nature there are two sides to every story.

While Mr Bhansali might feel elated that his publicity gimmick paid off , I feel this outrage really brought out the inherent pride of the Hindu in protecting their legends!!

Mr Bhansali, to the coterie living in bubble you might appear as an honest filmmaker who was victimised unnecessarily but to the straightforward citizens who felt threatened by your approach it is a clear warning they have sent to filmmakers!! Hindus will not tolerate any interposition on their heroes.

Mr Bhansali, might feel that he pulled the right strings to make his movie a hit..! Well, Mr .Director – Excellence does not require controversy and posterity cannot come with crudity !!

The dynamics of movie business would make this movie a hit…just like ” Golmaal Returns” but Mr Bhansali, you, with your callous indifference earlier and melodramatic publicity now have lost the chance to be counted among the greats !! A ‘Kaagaz ke Phool’ was not a commercial hit but Guru Dutt is revered as the greatest even today.

For people like me this clarification (which should have come much earlier) only strengthens my faith in the power of social media !!

Jai Maa Bharati
Sarita K Chamaria