Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cautioned his ministers against staying in five-star hotels and availing of any benefit from public sector undertakings attached to their ministries, including using their cars. 

Shortly after a Cabinet meeting on 16 August 2017, PM Modi is understood to have said that he was extremely unhappy with the recent tendency of some ministers’ preference to stay in five-star hotels instead of accommodation that the government provides.

He also told his ministers that he was unhappy with reports of some of them using vehicles from public sector undertakings under their ministries. The PM made it clear that he would not tolerate any misuse of vehicles of PSUs, either by ministers or their families.

The PM is learnt to have made it clear that he will brook no compromise with his ‘zero tolerance to corruption’ stance. With two years to go for the 2019 general elections, the PM should be keen to ensure to maintain the “scam-free” image of the government.

Source: Originally published in Times of India

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