Ram Subramanian, as known as Voice of Ram has been a mini Pakistani-Psuedo Liberal twitter celebrity for a while. His ideological provocation has been confusing where in his tweets he has promoted peace among Indian and Pakistan. Well on the other hand, he has also been promoting dividing India into North and South India.

Though he has always been Mocking PM Narendra Modi and has been on an abusive toon. Recently, the language used by him did not go well with many Tweeteriets.

Calling PM Narendra Modi as Terrorist.

Provocating his followers to throw Shoe at Narendra Modi in Public rally and rewarding one lakh Rupees for the same.

Nationalist Mr. Robin Pasricha, an advocate at High Court HP Shimla has registered a complain with Cyber Crime department of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla against Ram Subramaniam for his insulting tweets against PM Narendra Modi. Mr. Robin on his Facebook post quoted, “Grateful to Cyber Crime Cell Himachal Pradesh for taking cognizance of my complaint against Ram Subramaniam for insulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and instigating his followers to throw a shoe at Narendra Modi in a public rally..!!!”

Wise Indian Tongue appreciates the efforts of Nationalist Mr. Robin Pasricha to fight against such derogatory remarks made against PM Narendra Modi.