Many would not like Sonakshi Sinha and might find her untalented. However she does have a good point when she asks why it’s okay for doctor’s children becoming doctors through nepotism and not actors.

Well the easier rebuttal is- doctor’s kids are also study MBBS etc etc.

The thing is, star kids also study acting under coaches, so now if they are completely talentless, that’s up to them but they do undergo acting and grooming classes.

Nepotism is not limited to Bollywood at all but because members of Bollywood are more visible to the public eye in comparison to other professionals, nepotism in Bollywood is more visible as well.

It is no secret that well established doctors manage to get their children into medical colleges through management Quota and they become doctors. Many people end up working in the companies where their relatives may have good positions because they were favoured.

Nepotism is everywhere.

Author: Shruti Bhadra