Dear Mansi Dua,

I read your article on ‘Quint’ about “Kyu Range to Gerua“.

I would like to challenge you to debate on logical points about governance. Please don’t create any drama or rhetorics.

1. Which empire waged wars on land of Uttar Pradesh? Kindly give details.

2. Why should I accept that your thought process is of UP? Are you a self appointed spokesperson of the people of Uttar Pradesh?

3. You didn’t expect Yogi Adityanath to become Chief Minister of UP, because you were mental slave of 10, Janpath. Therefore, it is so difficult for you to digest a man who proudly wears Bhagwaa and symbol of Hindutva and Development today.

4. You must be sleeping tightly when ₹400 crores were wasted on Saifai festival of Samajwadi Yadav family Ltd. Looks like you had taken brain rest when thousands crore were wasted on Elephants park. Now look at you. All your senses came on active mode to see saffron colour which is sacred not only for Hindus, but it’s a part of our national flag.

5. Democracy was exercised. Life of a common citizen has changed for betterment post Yogi ji becoming CM of UP. I challenge you to prove it wrong.

6. The state Secretariat is painted Saffron , Saffron is the sacred colour of Hindus. The land of Uttar Pradesh where Bhagwaan Ram and Krishna were born. They wore the saffron cloth. Our Rishis and Munis did tapasya in this ‘Dev Bhumi’ wearing this saffron cloth. Tell us why saffron colour hurt you.

You looked quite happy with old times when Mayawati and Akhilesh were looting the common people in the same democracy in the same Secretariat. The state of UP was cursed with politics of Dynasty, Casteism Goondaism and appeasement. But suddenly you woke up and got pinched to see saffron colour, this shows your hatred towards saffron.

7. You have a problem with the saffron colour on the Secretariat but you have no problem by making a cartoon pic on the Secretariat as shown in your article. Aren’t you ashamed and won’t you apologise to the people of this country who have full faith in their democracy?

8. Yogi Sarkar is a no nonsense govt, development for all, appeasement for none,

• Anti Romeo squad
• Development in the sector of power and roads
• Better Law and order in comparison to earlier govts.
• Action against land Sand mafias
• Action against tainted govt officers.
• Ban on illegal slaughter house
• A sense of pride in the mind of every UPite like me.
• A CM for common people who works 18hrs a day.

But your blind hatred couldn’t see all this. Only you could notice is The saffron. Very soon you would question one day to the maker of our flag that why saffron colour was added in national flag.

Thank you saffron hater
Thank you very much as people have started realising your mentality.

Jai Hind
Har Har Mahadev