Respected Prime Minister,

25 years old Lassi vendor, Bharat was beaten to death by gang of Muslims Haneef, Shahrukh along with 15 armed mobs of Jehadis in Mathura, UP, on the night of May 18. His brother Pankaj Yadav is still badly injured. Only mistake of Bharat was that he asked for bill to be paid for Lassi.

19 years old Shivu Uppar was murdered and hanged in Bagewadi Bus stand in Belagavi district for protecting Cows from slaughters. Only sin of his life was he tried to stop the cow smugglers moving from Kerala via Belgaum.

51 years old Dhruv Tyagi was stabbed to death on May 12, by Shamsher Alam and his two juvenile sons for protecting his daughter from lewd remarks from them in outskirts of Delhi.

22-year-old Chandan Gupta was shot dead by gang of Muslims because he dared to participate in Tiranga Yatra on 26 Jan 2018.

Mr. Prime Minister, are we still living in Mughal era? Do we need to remind you brutal killings of uncountable RSS workers in Kerala and Karnataka? Or you just forgot martyrdom of your own BJP workers in West Bengal during Lok Sabha election?

No BJP MP raised issue of brutal killings of Hindus in independent India ever in Parliament.

800 years of persecution by Islamic invaders, 200 years of oppression by Britishers, 70 years of pseudo secularism in which Kashmiri Hindus were mercilessly slaughtered, maimed and their women gang raped and finally thrown out of valley. And more than half of Kerala and Goa were converted.

Poor Hindus are still being forced to leave their houses in Diamond Harbour in West Bengal after announcement—threatening to leave Hindus.

BJP or Congress, any party comes to power start beating their chests for pseudo suffering for so called minorities. We BJP supporters selflessly worked hard for BJP to come to power only to hear from you—Minorities have been cheated, we have to stop it.

Alas, we Hindus have no representative, who can raise issue how Hindus were forced to leave their houses in Kashmir, Kairana and West Bengal. Are we Hindus born to be persecuted and humiliated even if BJP march to Parliament with 303 seats?