Swara Bhaskar describes her self as a Right Wing baiter and a ‘Troll destroyer’. First of all, stop pretending that being a right is a bad thing and second of all, writing an open letter won’t help you get a role beyond that of a girl who keeps getting friendzoned by a weird Kolaveri Di singing guy who dies after stalking some other girl. But hey, FOE, dude. I respect your right to have an opinion. And so shall you speak.

But then people forget that just because you have the right to say it, doesn’t mean you’re right. And like every obnoxious feminist from JNU, you think you can twist just about anything you like and somehow look like a victim.

I’m no fan of Padmavat and neither do I think we need to glorify jauhar in 2018 but is it that hard to realise that Padmavati wasn’t a jeans kurta wearing 19 year old with an iPhone from 2018? It’s a period drama based on centuries ago when such traditions took place. Just because a movie is on jauhar doesn’t mean its promoting it. Just because a movie is on a war victory doesn’t mean people are promoting war.

I’ve spoken about this particular topic in the past about how rape victims are demoralised and made to feel as if they have lost their ‘izzat’. A woman’s ‘izzat’ doesn’t lie in her vagina and being raped doesn’t take that away from her. Rape is not the victim’s fault. It is and always will be a rapist’s fault.

But you’re assuming that Padmavati would have been raped and left to lead a life of happiness and prosperity or of normalcy if she had been raped by Khijli. No. She would have been kept as a sex slave and would been raped until her death or maybe even after, who even knows. This wasn’t about a woman being just reduced to her Vagina but women taking the drastic measure to avoid becoming the property or a trophy of an invader.

No woman should ever be made to chose between being raped or staying alive. You on the other hand, by your words, are implying that Padmavat encourages women to kill themselves. You compare the movie per today’s standards of morality and war ethics.

I hope you realise that glorification of a Jauhar back then and promoting Jauhar in 2018 are two different things. I hope your little brain gets it some day. Get help. Real help.

-with love,
A Right Wing Woman,
Shruti Bhadra.

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