“Why do we have to wear patriotism on our sleeves? People go to cinema for undiluted entertainment and to relax. Tomorrow, someone may say people should not come in shorts and T-shirts to cinema halls as the national anthem is played there. Where is this moral policing stop?”

These utter nonsense were uttered by none other than Justice D Y Chandrachud.

Respected Justice D Y Chandrachud,
Why do ‘our soldiers’ have to make Supreme sacrifice for citizens who can’t even stand 52 seconds for our national anthem? Why only soldiers, why do our police have to face bullets and firefighters have to die to save citizens who can’t even respect to our national anthem? Don’t these security personnel deserve a safe and easy life where they don’t have to trigger the gun to safeguard the citizens of the country?

Why do our soldiers and police have to die to provide undiluted entertainment to ungrateful citizens who don’t find it necessary to show love for their motherland? When a soldier misses bullets at his chest, those bullets reach to chests of common citizens. When 10 terrorists, from across the border, entered the city unchecked at see borders common citizens were butchered like innocents animals. Does it need to be told how many 26/11s have taken place in our country till now?

(Picture credits: SSB Cracks)

‘Undiluted entertainment’ comes at the cost of blood of our soldiers and security agencies who sacrifice their lives to hear national anthem and to lift our national flag.

Justice D Y Chandrachud, what message are you conveying to those soldiers who are guarding our borders at Siachen at blood freezing temperature of more than -20 degree celcious? Won’t you be ashamed to face family of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa, who was buried under 35 feet of snow for six days?

If I say, “I am disappointed, disheartened and disillusioned with your words, it would be understatement. Actually, my blood is boiling to think judiciary in my country has such moral bankrupt judges whose clear cut messages are: “look soldiers, I don’t care if you die. What I need is undiluted entertainment.”