Indian Army and para military forces have saved India from internal and external enemies. In Kashmir, Soldiers are sacrificing their life’s on Border as well as on the Indian territory. They have saved life’s of citizens during floods in Kashmir and have also stood against terrorists. Each day for Our Indian Soldiers Kashmir is a war, not just due to terrorism activities but also because of stone Pelters.

Stone Pelters helpe terrorist escape, this indeed has made Anti-terror operations difficult for the Army in Kashmir. Stone Pelters using women and children as shield for terrorist is a common scene.

Recently, a Major and his unit have been charged in a First Information Report (FIR) filed by the state police after the death of Javaid Ahmad Bhat, 20, and Suhail Javid Lone, 24. As per reports from various main strea media’s, The Major was not even present at the spot where 10 soldiers were trapped by over 200 stone-throwing protesters.

Around 30 army trucks were heading to administrative duty when a few got separated and were trapped by protesters who hurled stones at them.

As per NDTV sources, “The JCO (senior jawan) tried to reason with the crowd. The major in charge of the convoy was not present. He was elsewhere in another vehicle. A brick or heavy stone was hit at one of the JCO. He sustained head injuries and felt unconscious. The crowd came within 7 metres of the soldiers. They tried to snatch the unconscious JCO. Some of them may have said, burn the soldier. The soldiers are trained to shoot to kill,” The crowd of 100 swelled to more than double, claimed the statement. The soldiers fired warning shots and then “opened fire” in a desperate situation, said the sources. The crowd dispersed after the firing.

The Army claimed it opened fire on the crowd in self-defence and in the face of the “ultimate provocation”, after seven of its personnel were injured. A defence spokesman had said that the troops resorted to firing when a mob tried to lynch a junior commissioned officer and snatch his service weapon.

It is the matter of shame, where Pseudo Liberals and few politician’s of the country are questioning the Army for its action. Imagine a situation where there are 200 people against you, who have taken up stones to kill, what do you do. A solider does have a family, should he not care about it and sacrifise his life getting stoned and burnt by 200 stone pelters who are potential terrorist. Should the Soldier wait for mob to burn and lynch him and then take action?

Stone Pelters are not civilians, they should be considered as terrorist and the Indian Army has every rights to shoot and kill them to defend themselves in such critical conditions.