#WarningSiren Many staunch and committed BJP/Modi supporters like me are naturally dismayed at the byelection results coming from UP, Bihar and Rajasthan. These results are timely warning sirens for the Party. Instead of trying to explain away defeat through sophisticated excuses the leadership has to seriously delve deep into reasons and take remedial actions.

First, it must have a serious relook at its policy on financial and economic management.

The tax paying middle and salaried classes, who are the most effective and vocal opinion builders in society, are suffering the pincer pressure from many of the recent economic policies. Any and every economic reform should not mean further burdening the already overburdened classes.

For a country having the demographic profile that India has health and education have to be the top priority areas of public action. However an impression is getting strong that the Government is gradually withdrawing from these vital areas.

Second , the Party has to make serious efforts not only to retain the existing allies but to attract more. The false euphoric delusion of ‘glorious isolation’ , supported and buttressed by the larger than life political image of Modi ji, may prove to be a grave irreversible political error. In a complex society like India comprising over 2000 communities with diverse social and economic status the arithmetic of votes is even more important than the chemistry and imagery of impressions, UP has just proved that.

The focus should not be solely on Congress. Though the Congress cannot be ignored it is losing political muscle. In any case its influence covers only about 35% of electorate. The real fight shall be with regional parties and the Congress may choose to combine with them even as a junior partner. The BJP shall have to match this deadly combo with suitable allies. However the BJP shall and should remain a stabilising central pole for a national political umbrella. It has to give up any sense of false ego for a larger national cause.

BJP owes it to the nation to take necessary remedial measures and provide a stable and sound government. Alternative to Modi today is a combination of desperate and disparate political forces, combined only in their anti Modism- an alliance of hate- which rekindles the nightmarish political culture of early 1980s and that of Devgodas and Chandrashekhars type of governments.

Written by Inder Mohan Kapahy, former Professor of Physics at Delhi University.

(Received as a Forward, Wise Indian Tongue intends to give credits to the original Author)