Dear Rahul, It really pains me to see you struggling in an arena you are not made for. Towing a bullock cart does not makes it a Mercedes E Class if at times it gains speed. You are 47 years old and I am sure you would have done something fruitful to the extent of proving your worth if you were not into politics.

You are a misfit into politics and its high time you realize it because you are ruining your life and your party in foolishly trying to prove you are a leader.

The platform you were blessed with by the virtue of your taking birth (without any calibre or effort on your part) in the highest political family of this country, if you even had 10% potential of being a leader, the opposition would have been struggling to survive in this nation. Your failed attempts to raise your voice in your speeches, push up your sleeves and sound aggressive only embarrasses your followers and becomes a constant subject of jokes around this country.

Your incompetence can be evaluted from the fact that you are personally so low on confidence that you went to JNU to support Kanhaiya Kumar because you will grab onto anyone whom you think can save you from drowning. You now depend on regional players like Akhilesh Yadav & Hardik Patel to win you elections. 2018 is approaching and here is a honest advice devoid of any prejudice. Rigging your own party elections shows how much faith you have restored in democracy.

Quit politics and seek asylum in Italy because by the virtue of birth you might be an Indian but there is no act omitted or committed by you or by your family in which they had placed the interests of this nation before their own selfish interests.

Without a tinge of gratitude,
-Robin Pasricha