Following the footsteps of his Legacy Rahul Gandhi announced that he would be giving Bharat Ratna to Rahul Gandhi once Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of India. Rahul Gandhi has taken this decision after finding Rahul Gandhi a incredible leader who wants women Empowerment. Not only Rahul Gandhi but also Sonia Gandhi is in favour of Bharat Ratna to Rahul Gandhi.

Although it has been legacy of Congress Party to give Bharat Ratna by the Prime Minister to the Prime Minister Himself. Rahul Gandhi wants to make sure he repeats The Congress History. Rajeev Gandhi gave Bharat Ratna to Rajeev Gandhi, may be for his remarkable achievements like Bofors, Italian Waitress and “Rahul Gandhi”.

There is no doubt Rahul Gandhi will get Bharat Ratna once he becomes Prime Minister. But again the question still remains if Rahul Gandhi can become Prime Minister of India. For sure people of India are not “Rahul Gandhi” to vote for Rahul Gandhi.