Hands of 42 years old Ramalingam were chopped off with bill hooks. Do you know why? Because, he raised his voice against Islamic conversion at Kumbhakonam in Tamil Nadu and, profusely bleeding Ramalingam died.

Crime of Ramalingam was that he wore scull cap and put Vibhuti on a person’s head, and appealed, “let’s co exist” I would come to mosque, you come to temple. You follow your religion and I would follow mine. Next day Ramalingam was brutally murdered in ISIS style.

Does a Hindu have human rights India? Dear Hindus, ask this question to yourself because there is pin drop silence from Main Stream Media. Placards of Bollywood stars disappeared, they are busy doing item songs. Naseeruddin Shah is not feeling unsafe. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi didn’t find even worth it to mention it.

Do you remember how India had become intolerant when Mohammad Akhlaq had been killed in UP in 2015? Do you remember how many ‘so called elites’ had returned their award? Would it be wrong to assume that eco system in our country is run by Muslims and Christians?

Please note, Ramalingam was not a RSS man or BJP supporter. But, he was PMK Office bearer.

Dear Hindus, is this why half naked fakir and his disciple Nehru allowed these inhuman to stay back in India—even if they already demanded a country Pakistan—so that they can convert us to raise their population or kill us if we refuse?