Misplaced Priorities:

The SC of India had made it compulsory to play national anthem before screening of movies at theatres pan India. Many lauded and many disapproved of this. There were reported cases where people where manhandled by fellow citizens for not standing up for the national anthem at theaters. Now the Supreme Court has done the honours again. The Supreme Court recently went to say on record that it’s not mandatory of citizens to stand on the national anthem at theatres. Wait, what? Yes you heard that right. The highest judicial body of the country said it’s not mandatory to stand for national anthem while it’s being played at theatres? Kidding are we, milord?

In a country where million stomachs go to bed hungry at night, where the education and health is dilapidated, the topic of debate across all media platforms is “Should we stand for national anthem or not?” The fact that we are debating on something like this shows where we stand as a country today. With people crying against so-called “forced nationalism”, this debate vividly discloses the sheer lack of sense some people have in this country. A national anthem isn’t just a mere song sung on days of national importance, it’s the identity of the country. It unites big and diverse country like India in a thread of sense of common belongingness.

There are people at borders who sacrifice their lives to protect the sanctity and upholstery of the national anthem. And here people are debating to whether stand for the national anthem for a mere 52 seconds, over what? Recently a famous coffee house chain, declared a one on one free coffee for it’s customers for a day. People who scream about forced nationalism when made to stand for 52 seconds in respect of the national anthem were seen standing in hours under the sun for a mug of free coffee.

Isn’t that a portrayal of the sheer hypocrisy of liberals and many people who have the same line of thought. Imagine soldiers who brave scorching sun and bone freezing winters to stand in guarding and protecting the nation and its anthem. Isn’t that a demoralising benefactor for them? What if one day they decide to not stand for the national anthem at the borders anymore? Would people who scream forced nationalism be alive to even speak a second word?

We are a country of 1.3 billion where people from all caste, creed and ethnicities are bound together by the national anthem. And by debating on it, people are hitting this unity below the belt. The damage is too great and it will yield bitter fruits in future.