I am Asansol-Durgapur Deputy Commissioner of Police Arindam Dutta Chowdhury. My hand was butchered by rioting Jehadis, who hurled bomb at me. I was on my duty handling rioters in Asansol. I don’t see any outrage in Media why my hand was detached from my body.

I am 55 years old Mahesh Mandal from Asansol. I pull rickshaw to earn my livelihood. I was slaughtered by rioting Jehadis. My slaughtering by Jehadis did not make news.

I am 45 years old Pratima Devi. I was also killed by rioting Jehadis. But my life is so worthless for secular media that my killing didn’t even make bother secular media.

What made news is that an Imam, whose son was killed, doesn’t want to retaliate, but appealed for peace.

Why didn’t ‘DCP Arindam Dutta Chowdhury’s chopped hand, Mahesh Mandal and Pratima Devi’s brutal killings’ by rioting Jehadis create any outrage among so-called secular media? Because these victims were Hindus? Are Hindus supposed to be butchered silently by Jehadis in order to maintain secularism in India? What is appalling that Mamata govt asks Governor, K N Tripathi, not to visit injured DCP in Durgapur.

Why was only Imam made hero, who doesn’t want his son’s murder to be investigated? What is there to hide? Is he a Bangladeshi? Who would take action against the media who is making this Imam hero?

Whenever Hindus would dare to celebrate his festival, should they always face stone pelting from Jehadi elements? Should Hindus keep mum at this persecution if secularism in India has to sustain?