Democracy, Indeed in Danger.
How cool it is for some SC Judges to hold a Press Conference and cry, Democracy is in Danger superseding the very DEMOCRATIC Institution that they represent. It almost seems like they have themselves lost faith in an institution that is one of the pillars on which our Democracy has thrived for 70+ Years.

Even if I have to overlook at the professional responsibility they carry by beholding the highest chairs in our judicial system, I can certainly not overlook at the Moral and Ethical responsibility that they carry on their learned shoulders.

If respectable judges start behaving so irrationally then they do no good for the institution they represent nor it is a great example for 130 Crore Indians and it certainly does not aid our democratic process. Infact I can go on to say that it derails the very Democracy that they are portraying to be in Danger. The least that they could have done is kept it within the ambit of the judiciary instead of doing a public drama mocking and rocking an Institution that atleast a Comman Man still believes in the most.

If examples are to be set on how to rectify a flaw in our systems then this has to be the worst example set in the history of our democratic country. There are due judicial procesees for comman man and hence the same logic must be applied to people representing the judiciary as well. Skipping levels of escalation in such amateurish manner only speaks volumes of how the various levels of escalations were disregarded by Learned Individuals who are expected to lead by example both Morally and Professionally in the good interest of our Democracy.

The message sent to Comman Man is that if you feel that there is some injustice then you must hold a press conference to seek Justice. I don’t even want to get into the political handshakes which to me was the final nail in the coffin of Democracy.

Since the whole exercise was to reach out to the people of India and me as a citizen of this country feel Beyond Reasonable Doubt that these shenanigans are nothing but an attempt to sell deceit in the guise of dissent and in my judgement of a comman man I find all of them guilty of breaching THAT FAITH that people have in our Democracy and hence my verdict would be to sack them all for Endangering Democracy.

Vande Mataram.
Author: Ravi Pardeshi.