When ever you might have heard this name “Sagarika Ghose” you know there is some hypocrisy moving around. Yes,  you guessed it right, as usual she was found lecturing Hindus on how to celebrate Diwali. But again as usual it didnt go well with the Twitteriets and she was trolled.

Sagarika Ghose wants us to celebrate a Green Diwali.

Certainly, we too are aware that we want a good environment, a good future for the next generation and ecological balance. But then the problem is when you only lecture the Hindus, while having no problems with other festivals. Example you have a problem with Jallikattu but you want Beef. You are an animal lover but you are silent on Bakarid. You are comfortable to burst crackers during New Year Eve and Christmas but have a problem during Diwali. You have a problem only with Loudspeaker which are in Temple, Ganpati Pandits etc.

The trolls didn’t spare Sagarika Ghose.

And finally the perfect one.