Poll bugle has been sounded for Gujarat. it is clear fight  between the team BJP led by Modi and team Congress led by Rahul Gandhi. And this time, Gujarat Ki Janta appears to be going in favour of Rahul Gandhi. Here are the reasons why GUJRAT will would choose Congress over BJP.

1. Fed up of good governence: The good governence and crystal atmosphere of bjp rule seems indigestible for gujju public, The era of inspector raj and corrupt govt officials during Congress Raaj was much better than BJP’s rule.

2. Missing those era of crime and riots: Those era of 1990s are missed badly. When Prime business locations of Ahemdabad, Vadodra ,Surat were riot prone and ruled by mafias who used to threaten businessmen. Those glorious days are lost in the BJP rule. There are no holidays due to riots, no GUNDAGARDI. The return of Congress in GUJRAT will again bring those mafia Raj and riots back so that public can enjoy holidays at home.

3. Good infrastructure is such irritating: 24 hours of power supply and smooth roads are not good for GUJRAT. Bad conditions of roads are signs of progress and development, because the govt repeatedly floats tenders to maintain the roads and this generates employment. 24 hrs of power supply also is not a good sign because inverter manufactures suffer loss, employment goes down. And even darkness must be enjoyed, isn’t it?

4)UPA rule of Congress was such a great time for the nation: “Aaplo pradan mantri tho Maun che, pan manas saro che , govt ghotalebaaz che , pan pm saro che” ( our pm is silent but he is good man, yes there are scams in his rule , but pm is good person”

Said an gujrati man some years back in upa.

Really isn’t it. “khao aur khaane do” let the country go to dogs , my country is my home, let me greed for few thousands while the govt loots crores from my hard earned money. Those glorious days of upa era , everyday breaking news , new scams are missed. 

“Paise ped pe nahi ugte” 

“Lakho sawalo se achhi meri khamosi”

Wow that great dialogues of Mr silent Singh are missed, Those days of economics crisis is missed, And I badly want that congressi entertainer who can produce gold from aloo, and I will sit at home producing golds, instead we have a party whose leader is busy Earning for the nation , he unnecessarily does hard work for country , useless fellow never does any scams , only talks about Development and work. I miss those UPA era , come on fellow let’s vote congress back in GUJRAT atleast and this will be slap to the hard working pm.

5. Minority appeasement and casteism must be back: That Patel arakshan , 23 years old guy fighting for self respect, instead of studying he is fighting for division of country, he is our idol. We need a country that is divided by castes, this will help Congress to rule back. Forget the symbol of unity Sardar Patel, let’s remember 23 yr old Hardik patel , the new face of casteist politics. Oh and yes why must I forget that dream period of muslim appeasement. Wow, we enjoyed those period when it was such a fearsome to walk in a muslim dominated place in GUJRAT, our mothers and sisters were eve teased was such a good time. This current govt follows the policy of ” justice and equality for all, appeasement of none”

Come on man We need Minority appeasement, without that how can we make the country a Islamic rashrta

So folks abki baar Congress Sarkar!

It’s very necessary to vote to vote for Congress. Let’s experience some bad times again.