Messiah of Marathi Manoos, Crusader of the rights of bhoomi-putras and clone of a hypocrite cartoonist, Sir Raj (self-proclaimed ‘saheb’) Thakre sends invitation to guests for the engagement party of his son in ENGLISH and not MARATHI.

This is not the first time it has happened, Raj Thackeray’s son opted for German Language in his college then going for Marathi. Raj Thackeray even gave a justification for it, which did not go well with many.

Leaders are the one who show the path, Raj Thackeray has portrayed himself as a Leader of Marathi Mansus (Marathi speaking people), but this act is surely not a way a Leader sets example. For sure, there is nothing wrong in sending an invitation in English to the guest. One can justify it saying that the guest would be English readers and hence he choose to send invitation letter in English. But then, this is exactly what Raj Thackeray preached and asked Marathi Manus to practice.

Raj Thackeray was the one who took a good initiative of having Marathi sign boards in Marathi in Maharashtra, which was welcomed by us. He took up the issue of Toll on roads and many other issues which helped the Marathi Manus. But now taking you turns on the issue of Marathi surely would not go well with his set of Marathi Voters.

Dear Raj Thackeray there is an old saying, Practice what you preach. The Marathi Manus is proud of the culture laid by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and they can’t be fooled now.