Hello peeps,
Hope y’all are doing good. This holi there has been a furore over some really believable happening. Semen filled Bazookas, oops sorry balloons. Students of LSR were targeted in what was a blatant display of chauvinistic patriarchy, with balloons filled with semen. No, forensic lab didn’t report the substance hurled at them to be semen, the girls were apparently so versed with semen that they just knew it was semen. Glad Trudeau didn’t ask it to be called sepeople tho.

So after all the tweets from Sagarikas explaining how Hindu semen reeks of patriarchy, it seems apparent that the woman can differentiate the religion of semen as well. How prophetic! So, protests were staged on how Holi is an excuse for unchivalrous degenerates to touch women anyway they wish to, and it became the hot topic for discussion against the cons of Holi.

After all the hoohaa, and bashing against patriarchy and chauvinism, investigation has it that the historic act was indeed carried out by a woman. After male bashing frenzy, it’s a girl found to be the guilty of the deed. It’s indeed a blatant display of women empowerment tbh that women have now been indulging in such apostasies in the name of Holi. What next? Menstrual filled balloons may be.

(Image Source: iStock, The Quint)