The The freedom that we cherish today wasn’t achieved in a day. It was a Yagna which claimed a lot of heads as a sacrificial offering/aahuti. We have finally gotten independence after almost 800 years of slavery to various foreign invaders who robbed off the soul of our nation. Yet we have continued to thrive on against all odds.

But then comes a problematic question? Are we really out of the shackles of slavery or do we have the same slave like mindset after years of life as slaves?

The answer lies in the fact that absolute power is bestowed in the hands of an Italian lady, who continues to pawn the natives of the country. The Congressmen have handed out their self respects and lives at the hands of the Italian Antonia Maino who has taken the country to its past. That is the past life of colonialism in the name of democracy. That there’s no democracy in the Congress party and all are mere pawns at the hands of the family is an open secret.

There are still Jaichands in this country who have accepted Italian Colonialism whole heartedly because of their degenerate brains to think straight or rationally. The Italian coloniser had successfully reduced the native Hindus of this country to second class citizens and had almost sold the country for gains, just like the British did. Is this what highest of the souls had bargained their life for in a bait? Is it not Italian Colonialism? Think, re-think and re-think again!