Main Stream Media being biased in India is not a new theory, often referred to as Paid Media or Paid Journalist show their inclination towards a particular ideology, party or family. The inclination is quite visible during News Debate Shows, Interviews and Discussions.

There is a certain section of Media who has been loyal to Gandhi Family, but now are finding it difficult to sustain and eventually end up bluffing on Live TV shows. Some Journalist appear more of a spoke person of a particular party or family.

Before even the Election Results were announced, few Media House termed Rahul Gandhi as a winner even if Congress loses.

It clearly shows certain journalists were trying not to project a party but a particular family as the “Messenger of God” and the only future leader of India, but have been exposed.

The electoral victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party reinforces that Prime Minister Modi remains the most potent weapon in its armoury. As the BJP’s attempts to take on the opposition campaign narrative appeared to be flailing, Prime Minister Modi’s blistering campaign in every district of the state, 34 rallies in 15 day and the reinforcement of his connect with the people of Gujarat was an important factor. While a lot of heat was raised by some of the campaign rhetoric, especially with regard to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister Modi’s was successful in intervening in the campaign at the most crucial juncture.

After Modi’s Karizma being visible enough the Loyalist of Gandhi Family continued to Congratulate Rahul Gandhi for being a challenger. Even after 22 years of anti-incumbency, caste based politics, recent Financial Reforms the Congress Party could not win Gujarat. This is the most unsuccessful record by any political party in the history of Indian Politics.

So Rahul Gandhi loses 29 elections on the trot. Still gets elevated. Loses a state just after 5 years in power, and fails to win another that his opposition had, by his own admission, 22 years of anti incumbency. Moral victory? What moral victory? It’s like a sales manager failing to convert 29 consecutive opportunities into business, yet getting promoted as CEO and then rejoicing because he lost the 29th bid by a margin of $100,000, which is less than the ones before it. Any other organization, the sales manager will be on road tomorrow selling pineapples. But here, they’ll probably send him to an all expenses paid trip to Thailand. Moral “Paid” victory!!


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