Sound pollution has been an issue all around in India. The way we celebrate festivals in India has quite changed and there are refroms and campaigns being carried out by various celebrities. For instance, during Diwali Anushka Sharma wanted her dog to stay in peace and urged Indians to celebrate the festival of Light with lights and not with noise. It was acceptable to many Indians.

Seems Mums Police is going to contest election that it has started appeasing minority and hurting Hindu sentiments? In a tweet which might be hurting sentiments of many, Mumbai Police made a statement as below:

There is no problem at all when Mumbai Police is asking to reduce the noise pollution. It is sure no one is against it, but the point is it’s the hypocrisy which is seen clearly. When Sonu Nigam came up with his complain against the loud music from a mosque everybody went crazy as an act against minority. But now when Mumbai Police get Bappa’s name that he cannot be pleased with loud music, then why not Mumbai Police issue the same advice to all. Al such places which play loud music all around the year. Why such advisory only for Hindus festivals.

Wise Indian Tongue is against noise pollution and will urge all to celebrate the festival with full joy without harming any one or environment.