The National Problem of India: Hindu. The National Green Tribunal has taken the word a tad bit seriously. In a bid to prove to the nation that it’s green beyond the realms of environment and is the pioneer of environmental secularism in the country.

The National Green Tribunal has issued a fatwa, (oops sorry, it can’t be called fatwa since it’s secular) or rather an order to ban the chanting of Mantras and Jayakaras at the Millennia old Amarnath Temple. The reasons stated are, since the temple which is older than any other civilization on earth is on a higher altitude in the Kashmir Valley, the sound resonated by the ringing of bells, chanting of Mantras and Jayakaras would boom around like bombs causing earthquakes and avalanches.

Since this is a natural way for Hindus to indulge in saffron terrorism the NGT being the ‘GREEN’ board that it is has effectively crushed any chances of any untoward incident in Kashmir. Though the VHP called it a Tughlaki Fatwa due to their shortsightedness, they couldn’t see how the NGT has saved the environment and ummah all at once through their one move.

Well, Hindus may be offended but then who cares about those dumphead dhimmis anyway? All Hail National “Green” Tribunal. India couldn’t be any glad that there’s no National “Saffron” Tribunal.