The fight for ‘HINDU’ votes: Congress has been the oldest party in India even before independence. After India got freedom from centuries of enslavement in 1947, the then leaders demanded the dissolving of Congress. But Nehru and his ilks were not in favour of that. Ever since, they’ve lead the country for the maximum number of times and have indulged in insane levels of minority appeasement. So much that the native Hindus of the country were reduced to the status of second class citizens.

After LS elections of 2014, the Hindu mass of the country has finally realised it’s worth and has awakened to the reality of Congress and the damage they inflicted on natives in the name of secularism. Now on a political backfoot the Congress is trying tooth and nail to lure the Hindu citizens of this country who were disregarded by them since independence. Hindus have now emerged as a vote bank and every congressman is trying his level best to capture their votes. So much that, Rahul Gandhi has been declared as a Janeudhaari Brahman by Congress.

The latest addition in this list of people trying to lure Hindu votes is ex-congressman Shehzad Poonawaala. Shehzad has been in the Congress for almost a decade now and is currently in news for his fall out with the Congress and the way he raised his question against the crowning of Gandhi Scion as the party president. Just for luring the Hindu votes, he has gone on to add Hindu as his culture in his Twitter bio.

The statement that Hindu is a culture is a fact, considering the fact that Hinduism isn’t a religion guarded by a book but is a way of life. But the fact that Shehzad has included this stark truth in his Twitter bio is a difficult pill to digest.

Now when the Congress has gotten a taste of its own medicine, its members are running helter skelter. In such a situation this statement doesn’t seem to hold any valid ground anymore and rather seems like a political rhetoric. Hindus won’t be lured by this anymore. Better luck next time, Mr. Poonawaala.