To, all those beautiful and amazing women posting pictures with a pad on Social Media.

Off late a social media hashtag #SelfieWithPad has been a new trend. Celebrities across the nation have launched a challenge/campaign where they’re nominating each other and uploading pics holding sanitary napkins in their hands. Apparently a new movie called ‘PadMan’ is set to release based on the life of Padmashri Arunachalam Muruganathan.

Arunachalam Muruganathan is famed to have invented low cost sanitary napkins for rural women. What a pioneering and visionary spirit, for menstrual hygiene indeed! It’s ironical that a man who has dedicated his life for the greater cause of health and hygiene amongst rural women, has found himself doing rounds in the elite circles of social media because a movie is being made on him. Plaintively, the arrow has missed its mark in totality, because rural women don’t roam around in Instagram or Twitter, neither do they recognise such a facade modicum as a voice of their cause.

Affluent people uploading pictures with a pad on Instagram is as worthy for the cause, as a movie made on Rani Padmavati was for the vagina. Meaning, it was nada, zilch! Menstrual hygiene begins with educating women about menstrual hygiene.

Such selfie games on social media are plain publicity gimmicks that fizzle out after the movie has done business. And even those motor-mouth celeb wives would lock their tongues then. Because paisa bolta h boss!