Poor Zaira Wasim realised that she was molested by Vikas Sachdeva in late night Delhi-Mumbai Vistara flight on Dec 9, only when she logged in to INSTAGRAM. She could have immediately pressed the button over her head to call airlines staff to complain against Vikas Sachdeva, but she did not. Why? Zaira Wasim is always introduced as ‘Dangal’ actress. Well, she got opportunity and exposure to work with Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan. Nevertheless, she didn’t find guts to raise her voice against Vikas Sachdeva. Very difficult to believe.

Zaira Wasim was flying with her audacious mother, Zarqa Wasim, who is so fearless to shout “DIL DIL PAKISTAN,” supporting Pakistan Cricket Team during an India-Pakistan match played in Dhaka for World Twenty20 championship in 2014. A lady who is daring enough to shout “DIL DIL PAKISTAN,” standing at Indian soil, did not find courage to speak for her darling daughter who was molested. How come ‘Zarqa Wasim’ didn’t even open her mouth to defend his daughter?

Vikas Sachdeva, a highly designated executive in an entertainment company, was flying back to Mumbai after attending the funeral of his maternal uncle. Undergoing mental agony he did request the crew not to disturb him, however, he kept his legs on the armrest was wrong. Only fault of Vikas Sachdeva, who has no criminal record, was that he dozed off after resting his foot on the armrest. One mistake of Sachdeva was perfectly manipulated as well oiled cheap publicity machine by a Bollywood starlet.

When a Bollywood newbie is allegedly molested, she doesn’t lodge a complain against the accused, but she clicks herself from different angles. How convenient! Her soul wakes up and starts wailing only when, she logs to Social media to tell her “chest beating tearful story.” Next, she is famous. Look at her, she got a chance to be at spotlight in a Press Conference with Amir Khan. Win Win situation for her.

What is heart rending is that such drama to play victim of molestation by an actor make real victims of sexual harrasment suspicious by police and public both.