He killed over 15 millions African.
He exploited the Congo Free State as his family’s private venture.
He enslaved the entire population of Congo.
He executed, mutilated and suppressed the anti forces brutally. 

Ever heard of him? Why do you think you don’t know these points when you know everything from German history – The Weimar Republic, Gleichschaltung, The Enabling Law, Gestapos, Holocaust, etc.

Well let’s leave the reason for the last part of article while we consider the atrocities committed by King Leopold first.

King Leopold reigned as the second King of the Belgian from 1865 to 1909. He came to known for the founding and exploitation of the Congo Free State as his private venture. He owned the Congo as the constitutional monarch of Belgium. After several failed colonial attempts in Asia and Africa, he settled on the Congo. He almost bought this entire piece of African region and enslaved its people, turning the entire country into his family’s own personal slave transporter. He camouflaged his business transactions as “altruistic” and “loigical” efforts under the name of the International African Society. He used their bonded labor to exploit Congolese resources and services. His reign was enforced through work camps, body crippling, torment, misery, executions, by his own private army.
Under his regime, millions of the Congolese people were directly murdered; estimates range for about 15 millions, with a mostly accepted estimate of around 10 millions. Besides, in his reign people died of diseases and he never gave a damn. Smallpox epidemics and sleeping sickness scourged the ever disrupting population. African trypanosmiasis killed about 5,000 innocent Africans in the village of Lukolela situated at the bank of Congo River.

Belgian control of their African possessions, the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urundi, ended in choas,violence and civil war. The Belgian thought that the best ways to preserve their control were as follows :
1) Denying the Africans advanced education. This would prevent them from coming into contact with nationalist ideas and deprive them of an educated professional class who could lead them to Independence.
2) Using tribal rivalries to their advantage by playing off different tribes against each other.

The Belgians seemed taken by surprise when widespread rioting  broke out against unemployment and declining living standards. They suddenly changed their policy, announced that the Congo could become independent in six months. Now the Congo became independent in June 1960, with completely inadequate preparations. There was no experienced group of Africans to which power could be handed over. The Congolese had not been educated for professional jobs, very few had recieved any higher education and no political parties had been allowed. This brought a very treacherous civil war that is running still today. This war has already claimed additional a million death.

Now the thinking! Was Hitler the cruelest leader of all time?

Total shame! When someone kill ten million ‘Africans’, he isn’t called ‘Hitler’. That is, his name doesn’t reflect to symbolize the living ‘epitome of noxious’. His name and his picture doesn’t prompt horror, loath, misery, anguish and sorrow. His victims aren’t talked about and their name isn’t remembered just because he killed some less important and productive creatures on earth. Because, Your people are less human than my people.

Most of us aren’t taught about him in school. We don’t hear about him in the communist media. He’s not part of some of the widely-reiterated narratives of doldrums (which includes things like the Holocaust). He’s been an epitome of a long history of atrocities, colonialism, privatization, imperialism, slavery, and genocide in Africa that would probably never be possible. Another reason for him being unpopular is that he doesn’t fit neatly into our school curriculums through the-mind of a capitalist, liberal, Pseudo-intellectual well-beings.

Most of liberals criticize Hitler but tends to forget the facts about Hitler’s tendency towards the education and rocket science. He mastered all. Till the late 1930s, Germans were too ahead of their contemporary competitors in the field of Space and defence. All thanks to Hitler. Another conspiracy theory tells about his time machine called ‘Die Glocke‘. On the other hand they’ve another version of him who don’t give a damn to his people, culture, thoughts, and their education. But still the liberals beat the shit out of former.

Lesson learnt. It is better to trust a half-knowing imp than to trust a Liberal over a neutral point of view. 

Note : All stats of this article is taken from Wikipedia. Feel free to say us if you find any flaws in them.