Our government has withdrawn status of Most Favoured Nation from Pakistan after Pulwama terror attack. Security of separatist leaders would be withdrawn. And not to forget our Prime Minister has warmed: Our enemy has committed blunder after this attack.

Dear India, now it our duty to know the enemy on our soil. We have to boycott them socially. This is how people of India conducted “Surgical Strike” on termites within the country.

1. Riyaz Ahmad Wani from Srinagar was served Show Cause notice for posting anti national message on his Facebook: “Athh wanaan Surgical Strike” meaning thereby, “This is called Surgical Strike.” This termite has to explain why he should not be terminated from his job in MACLEODS

2. NDTV suspended Nidhi Sethi for her anti national Facebook post: Where a grisly 44 has been proven to be greater than 56” #How’stheJaish for two weeks. Also, Disciplinary Action weighs further action.

3. Basim Hilal, a B.Sc mathematics student of Aligarh Muslim University, was suspended for his tweet: How’s the Jash? Great Sir.

4. Times of India, offered apology for running ambiguous headline.

5. गुजरात समाचार was heavily criticised and boycotted by our nationalists for running headline “Cowardice of 56 Inch chest”